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Have You Thought About Learning The Yngwie Malmsteen Style And Mastering All The Techniques Fluently?

Watch The Video Below! I'll Bring Very Important Information!!

After countless experiences and thinking to make life easier for guitarists (Beginners / Intermediate and Advanced) who want to go and discover the tricks of the style in a pleasant way. I decided to prepare for you a course (Two in One) very well organized with (Seven Modules) of study, where I explain from the theoretical understanding, how to explore the harmonic fields and sounds. Even the clarification of interpretation and expression tools, with all its nuances in a transparent objective way.

And you will take home more THIRTEEN Bonus Lessons / Pages with complementary texts and my full support to the whole trainee (10 Modules)

¨Hard Alexandre Made History Alongside National and International Music Icons Acting Alongside Vocalist Mark Boals from Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Disc¨


Would you like to play this style and master all the techniques fluently?

In addition to having the technical domain that involves repetitions and mechanical improvement so that you understand new concepts to create intimacy with all the creation and resourcefulness in improvisation within this language.

So this course will undoubtedly make it easier when you want to take some Yngwie Malmsteen music by ear, or simply improvise based on that context.

That is the purpose of the course.

Are we going to see and hear the testimonials of people who joined the Play Loud Course?

Let's now know how it works module by module.

Module 1 (Beginner)

1- Play Loud Course (Module1) - (Beginner)

2- Module 1 (Harmonic Structure)

3- Module 1 (Triads)

4- Module 1 (Natural and Harmonic Harmonic Field)

5- Module 1 (Natural and Harmonic Scale)

Curso Play Loud + Palhetada Customizada.

Module 2 (Beginner)

1 hour daily schedule (Seven) essential techniques

1- 4-beat rhythmic pattern by separate strings

2- Connected in Quintina

3- Linked in Sextine

4- Ascending Sweep and two picks plus one on

5- Alternating Sextine by rope on the G rope

6- 4-stroke pattern on the A string

7- Trills in Quintina

Module 4 (Intermediate)

1- Interpretation Tools

2- On alternate slide and bend

3- Slide Alternating by Rope and Sweep

4- Slide On Sweep and Alternate

5- Major and Minor Triads


Module 5 - Improvisation (Intermediate)

How to locate using the minor harmonic scale over the V degree of the harmonic field (Minor harmonic)

Module 6 (Advanced)

Thirteen very important styling techniques applied in harmonic fields (Minor harmonic and natural)

It brings the fusion of these fields and mixes both sounds

Techniques for improvement

Theoretical reasoning for improvisation, creating compositions that mix techniques together with chords made on the two harmonic fields.



What are the advantages of taking the Play Loud - Learn to play Yngwie Malmsteen and Custom Picking course?

There really are countless:

Considerably increase your perception in the context of content

Make flexible adaptations that best fit your way of playing

Testing various types of left-hand and right-hand posture

Mix different techniques to bring a Plus Booster much more expressive and differentiated

Get a super Bonus as a gift with (Seven) lessons on various subjects on the Science of Guitars Portal

Product in up to 10 installments (All brands)

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