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hard alexander

Be welcome.

I will summarize my career for the last nine years from 2008 onwards. After all, you could write a book with more than thirty years of experience and experience working in the music scene.
My experience with music is fantastic. I had the chance to make big dreams come true, to be asked for, recognized and considered by the great icons of national and international music.

-Show with Tim Ripper Owens' band in 2008 ( Ex - Malmsteen / Judas Priest vocal )  
-Interviewed in the magazine ( Guitar player ) in July 2009. Participation with renowned musicians at Expo music 2009
along with guitar maker Music Maker and Snake Amplifiers.


-Founder and main composer on Madgator's cd. Released in 2010 by the music label Voice .

-Opening for the concerts of world-renowned artists.

Richie Kotzen / Tim Ripper Owens / Angra / Korzuz / Gleen Hughes .

-Contracted at Eagle Musical Instruments Company.

-Participated in 2010/ 2011/ 2012 in Expo music. The biggest Latin American music event.

-I followed the band Noidz (2011) electronic metal band ( Portugal Lisboa ) with the ex-drummer of Extreme (Rodrigo Leal) in 2011.

-I accompanied lead singer Mark Boals. Malmsteen's lead singer from the Trilogy disc. Playing guitar on tour ( Brazil/Argentina and Uruguay )
-In 2013, I closed the year with an amazing show with the band Hot Stuff . In ( Hard Rock Café Lisbon) and
(Lisbon Coliseum) (Portugal)

-In 2014 I played again with the band Hot Stuff at (Casino do Estoril)

-In 2016, I created ( Portal Science of Guitars ) The newest interactive and creative educational content site on the Web

-In 2017. I joined (Band Busic Gang) Recording the best solos on the album ( Debut / Busic)

I'm currently following the band ( Noidz ) One of the most respected bands in Europe. Formed by Ex Extreme drummer (Rodrigo Leal)


Professional Musician / Creator / Composer / Producer / Arranger and Guitar Teacher in Sp.

I teach online:

Through Whatsapp and Classrooms in Sp.



55 011 966245208





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