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Country - 01

A very interesting idea of country is extracting the sounds of certain closed scales into the form of open string, or loose string.

In this example I step how to make this transformation on top of the G major scale and get this sound.

The technique used is hybrid picking, which in this specific case works using always downward picking and hybrid always upwards.


The mechanics written on the tab are in accordance with a STANDARD to make your life easier, so I suggest you see at reduced speed or simply follow the picking and HB mechanics, or (hybrid) described in the Tab, to facilitate its execution and print a shape positive systemic for this type of technique that requires repetition.

Feel how cool this technique is and play with this really cool playback that I've set aside for you.

So let's go to the country world!

Padrão Salto 4 Tempos_edited.jpg
Tríades Saltos Melódicos.jpeg
Padrões Híbridos 4 5 4.jpeg
Micro Arppeggios_edited.jpg
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