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Guitar Fusion - 02

The phrasing and technical phrasing overlays are intended to use the same concept as Guitar Fusion 1 however; in terms of approximation of intervals it has a plurality. The phrases were freely created to abuse the notes that orbit the chord, or notes outside, and that's exactly what makes up this concept, along with the creation of starting points on top of the triad of Am T 3m and 5.

Reed mechanics can vary according to your comfort and point of view however; sweeps (up and down picking technique) have a default mechanic, which makes execution easier.

Watch the big video by clicking on the lower right side to follow the tabs and practice with the playback below.

Playback Am7/D7 Dórico -
00:00 / 00:00
Áudio Sobreposição shape 1 Dórico
00:00 / 00:20
Áudio Sobreposição Técnica (Shape 1)
00:00 / 00:33
Áudio Sobreposição shape 2 Dórico
00:00 / 00:20
Áudio Sobreposição Técnica (Shape 2)
00:00 / 00:36
Áudio Sobreposição shape 3 Dórico
00:00 / 00:20
Áudio Sobreposição Técnica (Shape 3)
00:00 / 00:32
Áudio Sobreposição shape 4 Dórico
00:00 / 00:12
Áudio Sobreposição Técnica (Shape 4)
00:00 / 00:30
Áudio Sobreposição shape 5 Dórico
00:00 / 00:11
Áudio Sobreposição Técnica (Shape 5)
00:00 / 00:24

Feel another interactivity playing the phrasing within this new context. The idea is to seek a link between the II degree of the CH of G major relative Em using it tb as the natural harmonic field of C major relative to Am or Am I degree of the harmonic and melodic minor harmonic field to bring about a blend of the 4 fields ( Natural in G and C and harmonic and melodic in Am)

The harmony is:

-F7+VI Harmonic grade or Natural IV

-E alt 9# V degree Harmonic or Melodic


-DM7 II natural grade or IV grade dim or semi dim Harmonic

-C7+5# III major Harmonic or Melodic


-B75b II grade semi dim harmonic or natural VII


-E75# V Harmonic or Melodic degree


-Am7 II grade of natural G


-Am7+ I minor grade

solving in

-D79 IV grade of Am melodic chord in preparation to return

New fusion playback - Hard Alexandre

/ F7+ /Ealt9# / Dm7 / Ddim / C7+5# / B75b E7 5# / Am7 / Am7+ / Am7 / D79 /

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