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Course design and creation of phrases in the dominant chord

The fundamental idea of ​​this course is to provide tools that communicate with each other. Producing connections and combinations creating new languages. D esbravar the dominant chord can be very interesting. The first steps are to choose the ingredients. Let's see what ingredients the course phrases were created with?

Let's see:

Penta Blues Major b3

Balanced Penta 3/b3

Penta Modal

Dominant bepbop

Minor Melodic

Arpeggio symmetry

During the course you will notice that the ideas are superimposed in the same region to create links and create countless situations of sounds and articulations. Now, watch the first video carefully as I talk about overlays that can be used and their connections. It's a chat played for us to enter this universe together.

Then follow the videos with the execution of the phrases and the audio. Pay attention to the mechanics of the right hand to facilitate the reproduction process. Let's see what the examples below look like, after a deeper understanding we will have more freedom to create our own sentences. And that's the intention, ok guys.


Playback G7 e G sus - Hard Alexandre

sentence 1

1 Frase Fusion - Hard Alexandre
1- Frase.JPG

sentence 2

2 Frase Fusion - Hard Alexandre
2- Frase.JPG

sentence 3

3 Frase - Hard Alexandre
3- Frase.JPG

sentence 4

4 Frase - Hard Alexandre
4- Frase.JPG

sentence 5

5 Frase - Hard Alexandre
5- Frase.JPG

sentence 6

6 Frase - Hard Alexandre
6- Frase.JPG

sentence 7

7 Frase - Hard Alexandre
7 Frase.JPG
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