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The Custom Picking course aims to make the guitarist think autonomously. It brings the four standard pick types for beginners to understand, and opens up other points of view for intermediates and advanced ones. The root types of this understanding are the picks:

Alternating and Ascending and Descending Sweep is the basics.

Next, 4 more types were thought. Extracted from standard logic and, added to other tools, which escape the proposed context which is picking, however; they can act with the same outstanding characteristic of the standard picks and bring more nuances that will surely differentiate this practice from the ups and downs and take the conception to another level.

The idea is to bring the strong characteristics of the standard picks and make use of other features bringing other options, always looking for physical comfort when playing and adding a Picking Plus Booster in the personal conception of each one, because this logic can and should be random when thinking about raising the differential factor of execution of the ascending and descending scales.

1- Alternating Picking (IN) Inside

1- Palhetada.JPG

2- Alternating Picking (OUT) Outside

2- Palhetada.JPG

3- Ascending and Descending Sweep

3- Palhetada.JPG

4- Sweep _ 2 Picks + 1 on _ Alternate

4- Palhetada.JPG

5- Sweep _ 2 picks + 1 On _ Alternate

5- Palhetada.JPG

6- Sweep + On

6- Palhetada.JPG

7- Slightly muffling the left hand


8- Slightly muffling the left hand

8- Palhetada.JPG


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