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This course aims to bring the essential scales that a musician must know to be able to

to explore the countless sound possibilities that shape the sounds between different styles.

Based on the scales (Pentatonic / Greek Modes / Natural / Melodic / Harmonic and Symmetrical Scales) It is a great dive into the sounds that form tonalities (Diatonics) also passing through sounds (Modal) that value characteristic intervals of the modes, with their specific sounds in the natural, melodic and harmonic fields. Finally, the course brings other possibilities that are less usual in our culture, exotic scales, which will bring countless possibilities, being played like a mantra (Pedal Note) of repetition, so that we can feel the atmosphere of each scale. Come with me on this? Let's test all this.

Diatonic / Pentatonic and Symmetric Scales

Modes generated in natural and melodic Ch

Modes generated in Ch minor harmonic

Nota pedal em A - Hard Alexandre

Exotic Scales


-Liturgical Byzantine




-Japanese Hirojoshi

-Bepbop and Chromatic Scale

Nota pedal em E - Hard Alexandre
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