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Welcome to the Easy Harmony Course


Some People Think Learning Harmony Is Too Complicated!! They end up giving up, get disappointed and lose enthusiasm.

And Really You Have A Right Reason. After all these days we have a lot of randomly scattered materials that can cause a HUGE CONFUSION.

From this premise I decided to bring you Guitar Lovers

An Uncomplicated View of the Theme (Harmony) that very simply suggests how to organize the main topics, making their perception and fluency active and fully integrated to the development of theoretical and practical understanding that govern the theme.

Guitarra elétrica

Watch The Video And Don't Miss This Opportunity!

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Understand the Structure of the Easy Harmony Course

There are Eight Modules, THIRTY Videos, FOUR Hours of Course!! All Very Well Organized To Bring Clarity In The Interaction Of The Topics And Reveal All Connections For You.

The subjects are these:

Introduction (Module Zero)

- Intervals and Triads
- Tetrads
- Natural Harmonic Field / Harmonic and Melodic
(Family of Chords)
- Major and Minor Triads
- Major and Minor Tetrads
- Dominant Tetrads
- Miniature and Semi Miniature Tetrads
- 7M / 7m / 7 Inversions
- Major and Minor Triad Inversions

Module 1 (Functional Harmony)
- Melodic Chords
- Secondary Relatives
- Primary and secondary dominant

Module 2 (Functional Harmony)
- Homonym Harmonic Field
- 2 5 1 Major and Minor
- Fourth Harmony

Module 3 (Chord Melody)
-Melodic Lines

Module 4 (Modal Music)
Harmonic field
- Doric
- Phrygian
- Lydian

Module 5 (Modal Music)
- Mixolyde
- Locrius

Module 6 (Counterpoint)
- Tuesdays and Octaves
- Standards
- Diagonal

Module 7 (Counterpoint)
- Diagonal Ascendant
- Polyphony Melodic Lines
Module 8 (Negative Harmony)
- Concepts
- Songs

The full course is now available. Now is studying to expand your knowledge with me.

A complete and excellent compilation that will enhance your knowledge and help you a lot.

Guitarra elétrica
Cordas de guitarra

Watch the testimonials of those who joined the Easy Harmony course and are finding it extremely easy to understand and apply the concepts.

Did you see just how there are plenty of reasons for you to engage in this incredible musical journey together with me? Ahh!! So You Want More Perks?

Do not worry!!

I Will Provide Seven Free Bonus Lessons From The Portal (Science of Guitars) With Videos / Pdfs For Print And My Total Appreciation And Support To Give You Total Security And Attention. Let's Detonate With Me. See You On The Course. Thanks!

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