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Welcome to Science of Guitars .

Understand the portal's proposal, we already have more than 200 videos uploaded and published on Guitarflex. All very well organized, easy access and an excellent variety of content.

About GuitarFlex

It is the most flexible current system to adapt to your schedule. All students with individual support are directed with objective schedules. To use your free time correctly and constantly evolve on the instrument. Full access to content uploaded on the portal. There are more than 150 videos well elaborated and organized in topics and sub topics of musical styles. More extra courses of utmost importance to create links with the content and further improve its development.


Rock / Pop Rock / Metal / Fusion / Blues / Jazz / Bossa / Smooth Jazz / Neo Soul / Country    

Guitarra elétrica

The courses aim to improve your musical knowledge and skills. Includes EXCLUSIVE support and educational material for channel members, the benefits are numerous. The intention is to be able to discuss and evaluate its development. Now just become a LIFETIME member of Science Of Guitars and enjoy all the content in a light and fruitful way.

Note: The site's interactive mechanics are super sensitive. I've made all the content available so that you can have the best experience with the features.

Know the structure:

- Videos

- Explanatory texts on the various subjects of the portal on top of the videos

- Playbacks under the videos

- Player with speed reducer from normal to 0.5

- Download all support material for printing.

- Support by the private group (Science of Guitars private) of Whatsapp

- Full support for portal studies and differentiated attention to students.

Get the experience you've always been looking for in a music portal, in a light, useful and super accessible way.


Hard Alexander.


Only $450 reais in cash with 5% discount or in 10 installments of $45.00 (Parcelado) Plus an extra course of your choice. A Science BONUS for you.

- Follow the purchase recommendations below

- Make your registration on Paypal first

  (Only with registration is possible to purchase)  

- After registering, you can buy by (Paypal) in installments using your credit card.

- Paypal only accepts payment in installments made by cell phone (Don't do this by Notebook or PC)


- Directly with me   via bank deposit you will have a much bigger cash discount.

Whatsapp (11-9-66-24-52-08)

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